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Advanced Pain Management Practitioner (APMP) Certificate Program – Prescriber Edition
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Demonstrate your Mastery of Pain Care in Today’s Regulatory Environment

The Advanced Pain Management Practitioner (APMP) certificate program ─ prescriber edition ─ is open to MDs, DOs, NPs, CRNAs and PAs. The program is designed to reinforce the expertise of those who have spent years practicing pain management, but who may not have the ability or desire to complete a fellowship training program. It demonstrates your knowledge of and commitment to  pain management, with a special emphasis on pharmacotherapy. The certificate program is based on a learning-objective based curriculum that covers 13 key content areas. Before you apply for the certificate, download the curriculum and review the content and references carefully.

You will earn this certificate by:

  • Documenting your professional education, continuing education and your clinical experience.
  • Completing the online Curriculum Review Course (worth 14.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.
  • Passing a rigorous 200-question examination on key pain management topics.

This certificate of achievement for advanced standards of pain care is aligned with best practices as defined by the National Pain Strategy and the principals upon which the AIPM was founded. The certificate program was carefully created to include a solid overview of pain management, but it is not board certification and should not be represented as such.

To be eligible for the certificate you must be an MD, DO, NP, CRNA or PA, have a master’s or doctoral degree, and have practiced for at least 5 years, during which time a minimum of 30% of your clinical work must have been working with people in pain. You must have 50 hours of continuing education, completed within the previous two years, which pertain to pain management, is deemed acceptable by your primary licensing body, and is accredited for your discipline.

Earning this certificate demonstrates a defined body of knowledge of pain management that shows your employer, your peers, and your patients that you have taken a step above and beyond the norm in your commitment to providing optimal pain care. In addition, you receive:

  • Additional credibility in the field of pain management, particularly related to prescribing.
  • Printable certificate suitable for framing and display.
  • Listing as an Advanced Pain Management Practitioner (APMP) Certificate-holder in the Academy’s online directory.

Representation of the APMP Certificate
After you pass the exam, you will receive a printable certificate representing advanced achievement in pain. It is acceptable to display the certificate in the place of practice, include them in CVs and applications for employment, and discuss this achievement in various biopic forms. The APMP examination does not replace licensure nor is it a board certification. The AIPM does not confer diplomate or fellow status for this certificate.


The fee for this program is $1,500. This fee covers your application, online review course (CRC) and examination. If it is determined that you are not eligible to participate in the program, your fee will be refunded, less a $150 administrative fee.

Fees are non-refundable.

Application Process
To apply for the APMP program, submit the application form (download it here) and be sure to include all required documentation. If your application is denied, your fee will be refunded less a $150 administrative fee. Applications may be emailed to or mailed to:

Academy of Integrative Pain Management
8700 Monrovia St., Ste 310
Lenexa, KS 66215

Once your application is approved, you will be registered to take the online Curriculum Review Course, which you are required to complete before registering for the examination. Upon completion of the review course, your contact information will be uploaded to Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (PSI/AMP), a PSI business. You have one year from the time of registration to schedule and complete the exam.

Preparing for the Exam
In order to pass the exam, you will need to score at least 70%. There are 200 questions on the exam, of which 180 will actually be graded.

Preparing for the exam is a two-step process: completing the CRC and studying the APMP Curriculum. The CRC was not designed as a comprehensive test-prep course and applicants should thoroughly review all learning objectives listed in the APMP Curriculum to ensure that they are properly prepared for the examination. Download and review the ACPP Curriculum for free.

To complete the CRC course, login to the Pain Care Learning Center and click the Advanced Credential Curriculum Review Course. You will need to complete each section of the course and pass each post-test with a score of 75% or better. Once you have completed the entire course, submit a copy of the certificate of completion to the credentialing department.

Scheduling the Exam
The exam is administered by Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (PSI/AMP), a PSI business, at designated computer-based testing sites throughout the country. Upon registration, you will be assigned a “candidate ID#” and AMP will email you within 4 days with instructions for scheduling. From the date of approval, you have 1 year to schedule and complete the exam. Exams are psychometrically validated and administered by computer-based testing. Exams can be scheduled Monday through Saturday, at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm, at more than 160 locations in the United States and Canada. Please refer to the APMP Certificate Program Brochure for more important information about AMP/PSI.

Rescheduling and Retaking the Exam

the exam may be done one time at no charge by contacting the AMP Candidate Support Center at least two business days prior to the scheduled examination.

Retaking the exam after a failed attempt will be allowed two times for an additional $100 administrative fee for each attempt. Candidates must wait 90 days before re-attempting the examination.

Verifications of certificates issued by the AIPM are conducted upon request. Should anyone inquire either online or directly with the AIPM as to the status of your certificate, we will verify your standing. We include your name, discipline, certificate number, issue date and expiration date. Certificate information is available both on-demand on the AIPM website, and upon request with an official verification form signed by AIPM staff.

Note: Those looking to verify the status of a member who was credentialed under the GCPP program may be asked to submit a release form, signed by the physician in question.

Maintenance of Certificates

Certificates must be renewed every three years. You must show an unrestricted license to practice in your primary discipline, completion of 25 units of qualifying continuing education per year (or 75 units over a three-year period), and you must pay the renewal fee. Members will have $25 per year added onto their annual membership dues. Non-members will be required to pay a fee of $325 upon renewal.

Copies of clinical licenses, documentation of CMEs, and appropriate fees, should all be submitted prior to the expiration of the certificate.

Disciplinary Actions
It is your responsibility to report to AIPM any changes in the status of your state-issued, clinical license. If at any time we discover that a certificate holder has not reported a significant change to the status of their license, the AIPM reserves the right to suspend or indefinitely revoke the certificate. If your APMP certificate has been temporarily revoked or suspended, you must do the following for re-instatement:

  • Meet all requirements set forth by your clinical licensing body in order to restore license to an “unrestricted” status.
  • Provide documentation of continuing education. The Academy requires certificate holders to complete 25 units of CME per year in order to maintain validity of their certificate. The same is true for those who wish to re-instate the validity of their certificate. CME’s will need to be submitted for every year that the certificate was lapsed, in addition to the CME that was required at the previous time of renewal.
  • If necessary, provide an updated CV and contact information for AIPM records.
  • Pay a one-time administrative fee of $150 for re-instatement.
  • Submit a signed attestation of compliance.

Download the brochure and application.
Download the Curriculum.
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